Lamictal Bipolar Weight Loss

In addition, medications used to treat bipolar disorder contribute to weight gain and obesity. Long-term treatment with lamotrigine has been associated with weight loss in obese adult patients without psychiatric or seizure disorders and obese patients with bipolar disorder. Based on a total of 40 ratingsreviews, Lamictal has an overall score of 7.72. Comments I used to take lithium for my bipolar disorder and it worked great. Side effects Loss of weight, but this was just a result of my mood stabilization as I.

I was just prescribed 25 mg of Topamax to combat the weight gain from my Seroquel. Background Im currently on Lamictal 300mg and Seroquel XR 300. experienced horrible foggy mind, twitching fingers, and memory loss. Despite weight loss, my stomach is bloated with fluid retention and thats from. 4, bipolar 2, anxiety, fuzzy memory, dizzy spells, hair loss, lamictal helped me.

Lamictal Bipolar Weight Loss



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