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In a plural family, a sister wife will often put the idea of her husband having an intimate. They could all stand to lose some weight, however. Of course, Robyn has the ultimate excuse--of course, she is gaining weight! ). Sister Wives. Sister Wives Go. Sister Wives Bl. Janelle Brown W. more about Meris personal struggle with her risk of cancer and the loss of her sister. The cautionary tale about spinning a web of bullshit and losing control of the narrative. Kody was married to Meri, but divorced her to marry the newest wife, Robin, so he could. for her seeing as she did lose quite a bit of weight only to gain it all back. Dont write us fluffy blog posts of only the good shit. I was surprised to see Janelle ( blond one who is the smart one ) put back all the weight she worked so hard to lose and then some. Wont watch any.

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